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My phenomenal high school art class first sparked my interest in a creative career.  Though my passion always remains in storytelling, my artistic journey began with painting. My experiences in the fine arts helped to hone my skills and push my work ethic towards a professional level, fostering the confidence and self discipline I needed to become the artist I am today.  I hope my past work may serve as an inspiration to you as much as it has me.  



Surrendering What Has A Grip

In this series, I reflect on my observations of the lives around me. What we try to control and what we admit to having no control over. The struggle one is faced with when clinging to their selfish ways, and the peace one finds when they finally surrender over to God.



 In this series, I explore the concept of faith and how it manifests in people's lives.

Breathe Me

 This series is inspired by the lovely song Breathe Me by Sia. Through my interpretation of the song, I try to focus on the insecurities one faces when seeking genuine friendship.


Works where I experiment with different mediums and styles. 
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